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Junior Division Rules

1. The competition is open to participants of all nationalities.

2. The junior division comprises of participants up to 14 years old.

3. The Junior division is divided into 5 categories:

Category A (3/4 years old)
Category B (5/6 years old)
Category C (7/8 years old)
Category D (9/10 years old)
Category E (11/12 years old) 
Category F (13/14 years old)

4. The application deadline is December 12 2022 at 23:59/11:59 pm
The age of the participant is considered on November 30 2022

5. All participants must submit one or multiple YouTube videos

6. Competition repertoire must be played from memory

7. Winners will be announced on our website near Christmas

8. The Competition's Commitee has the authority to interpret the rules of the competition, and make any changes if necessary.

9. Videos must not be filmed more than 6 months prior to submission. 

10. Piece duration may be exceeded by a maximum of 3 minutes

11. The video must clearly show the pianist’s face and hands in the frame at all times.
The video must be shot from one fixed angle/position. The quality of the videos
must be good and clear.

12. Videos cannot be filmed from any other concert performance. Videos must have been filmed specifically for the Stanza Junior Competition.

13. The sound of the videos cannot have any echo

Repertoire Rules

Category A
(3/4) years old)
Up to 3 minutes
Free choices

Category B
(5/6 years old),
Free choices up to 5 minutes

Category C
(7/8 years old) ,
Up to 8 minutes
2 contrasting pieces

Category D
( 9/10 years old),
Up to 10 minutes
2 to 3 contrasting pieces

Category E
(11/12 years old )
Up to 14 minutes
3 to 4 contrasting pieces

Category F
(13/14 years old)
Up to 16 minutes
free choice

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