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Stanza - Application Fee: €80

Accepted methods of payment


Bank Transfer
IBAN: DE39 3806 0186 4960 1100 27
Account Holder: Chien-Fen Yen-Howland

Account Number: 4960 1100 27
Bank Address: Volksbank Köln Bonn eG
                     Heinemannstraße 15
     53175 Bonn
Bank Telephone: 0221 2003-0

Extra Info for International Bank Transfer
Company Name: Elevato (Chien-Fen Yen-Howland)
Company Address: kolumbusring 13, 53175 Bonn
                                   North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

 Applications Include:

* Recent photo

* A short written self introduction – no more then 8 lines

* Payment Receipt (bank transfer receipt or PayPal receipt)

* Youtube link(s) with video recording

-Incomplete applications will not be processed.

-The application deadline is December 12 2022 at 23:59/11:59 pm

The age of the participant is considered on November 30 2022

-Registration fees are non-refundable

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