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Winners 2020 

*Update 18/07/2020

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Dear participants,

First of all , I would like to congratulate all the participants for your hard work and the passion towards your music.
This moment is very special. The global pandemic can’t take us apart when we are all brought together by piano. 
Thanks to all of the wonderful teachers’ support and the love for their students. Thanks as well to our jury for their hard work in their evaluations. Everywhere, in every corner, music connect us. We hope the Elevato Competition has become a great destination for all the participants, their teachers and their parents. 
Thank you all!

-Michelle Yen-Howland, Founder

The overall level of our competition was extremely high. This has been our first year organizing a piano competition, and we are looking forwards to next year's live competition on July 10th, 2021. We will be contacting you soon with details about individual scores, masterclasses and prizes. We congratulate the winners, and wish the best of luck to all participants in their future endeavors!

-Elevato Team


The Online Zoom concert (approx. 1 piece each) is taking place on July 20th between 13:00-15:00 CEST Please write to us as soon as possible if you would like to perform.

The group masterclass (open to all, approx. 20 min. each) is taking place between 15:00 - 18:00 CEST. The teacher will likely be Walter Prossnitz. If you would like to sign up, write to us as soon as possible your preferred time. We will then try to organize with the jury. 
 (If many people sign up, we will organize more sessions later, depending on the number of participants.


*Update 16/07/2020

Online Concert Sign-Up:

coming soon

Our Online Concert will be taking place on July 20th at 14:00 CEST. We will provide a form that selected winners can fill out if they wish to perform in the Online Concert.
We will be using Zoom: (Free to download)

The Zoom masterclasses will also take place on July 20th as well as on July 21st.

Everybody is welcome to watch the performances and masterclasses!

We will update you with further information soon.
For now, look forwards to the results on
July 18th!

You can check back here or follow our social media for updates:

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Dear all,

Thank you for making the first Elevato competition a success! We have received 100 applicants from the following countries: 

Hong Kong 

The following link will take you to the page where you  can view all of the performances submitted, with winners to be announced on July 18th:

(Because of the large number of applicants, we have decided to publish the results one day later, on July 18th, in order to give the jury enough time for their evaluations)

Due to the corona virus, the elevato competition decided to switch partly to an online format with an in-person prize-winners concert on October 18th. In addition to standard home recordings, we also decided to accept all other forms of recording that the candidates were able to provide during this time. This includes pre-pandemic recordings, low to high quality recordings and recordings with various angles. Since this difficult pandemic period has widely affected many, if not all musicians and their plans, we hope that this decision can help account for the opportunities lost as well as provide a way for young musicians to stay engaged in their musical endeavors. The members of the jury have taken into account all of the various unorthodox conditions and will do their best to exert the fairest evaluation possible of all of the candidates.

Thank you and we wish you all great success.

Welcome to our First

Piano Competition in Salzburg, Austria!

October 2020

The Elevato Piano Competition for International Youth is a new competition for young musicians of all nationalities and ages. We are especially open to young children who want to share their talents, and be exposed to a rich musical experience! 

In the Viennese Hall in Salzburg, our selected performers will get to feel the atmosphere of previous Austrian-born composers such as Mozart, Haydn, Mahler and Schubert. They will have the opportunity to perform on a historical stage, and gain confidence in their musical capabilities. We hope they will feel a sense of achievement from their inner success, and we welcome children of all ages to share their playing with us!

Elevato Piano Scholarship Funds

The purpose of this competition is to promote classical music and to discover the artistic side of children from all over the world. Part of the funds from the application fees collected will be going towards scholarships to help children who are keen to learn music. The scholarship will be funded by the competition commitee.

Our competition will also be followed by prizes, mentor sessions, and masterclasses

Due to the Coronavirus, applications for the competition have been split into 2 Parts.

Part 1 applies to students outside of Europe who are/will be unable to travel to Europe to attend the ceremony on October 18th 2020. They will have their own Online Ceremony on July 20th 2020.

Part 2 applies to the regular in-person competition with the final concert ceremony taking place in Salzburg on October 18th 2020.


For more information, please visit the Online Competition page.


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