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Piano Solo Category Application Form
Application (Click Here)

Application Deadline: May 24 2023

Application Fee: 125 Euros 


-The Piano Solo Category application can be paid at the same time as the Concerto Category application for a discounted fee if you are participating in both categories.  

(Total fee= 300 euros)

-The service charge must be covered by the applicant for their application to be accepted.


 -The registration fee is non-refundable.

 -All information sent to the competition will be kept private.


-Participants authorize the Elevato Piano Competition to record and distribute any photos, videos or audio recorded from the competition. All video materials sent by participants are property of the competition, and can be use in the competition’s YouTube channel, website and other social media.


-By registering for the competition, participants accept and adhere to the rules of the competition.

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