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Become a partner of the Elevato Piano Competition for International Youth & become friends of the competition, to support the future of young pianists, to build their developments , and to help achieve their goals of becoming great pianists.


By sponsoring the Elevato Piano Competition for International Youth, our pianists from the Elevato competition will be able to sharpen their musical talents to their fullest because of your generosity.


Your support will represent the highest of reputations, and credibly honour those who are individuals, companies, foundations or organizations.


Your support will help us make future events a great success.

Elevato Concerto Project August 25-27th 2023  Rehearsals and concerto performance with KARLOVARSKÝ SYMFONICKÝ ORCHESTR/Czech Republic with 3 selected pianists Total Expenses  9000 euros Breakdown: 6000 euros - Orchestra cost of 40 orchestra members, the venue rental and promotional costs 800 euros - Conductor cost + hotel and flights 900 euros - Allowances to help the 3 winners’ hotels and flights 300 euros - Printing cost of certificates, programs, flyers and posters 700 euros - Piano rental fees and piano tuning 500 euros - Photographer fees and duplication fees 500 euros - Miscellaneous expenses/transportation costs such as train, metro, bus, posts, video production and marketing fees

Sponsorships open up new opportunities for brands to receive unique publicity and increase their brand recognition. It is the bridging connection to increase your authority and competitiveness within your business’ niche. You can strengthen your company's image and increase brand awareness/visibility. We can also highlight our sponsors on our social media channels. Thanks to your sponsorship, emerging pianists can gain invaluable performance experiences, professional developments, and pursue the faithful commitment of becoming a pianist.

Competition Payment Method: Paypal or bank transfer
Individual 100 300 500 1000 Or more 

Company 1000 2000 3000 4000 Or more

Michelle Howland +49 160 96675268 Wechat

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